Forecast Markets

Trade your beliefs on the world's first economic variable derivatives exchange.

Continuous predictions.
Variable trading.

Our Forecast Markets allow traders to take long or short positions on economic variables, making them tradable like an asset. This is a new iteration over most current prediction markets, which use binary options to let users bet on a 'yes or no' outcome.

Perpetual Markets.
Unlimited Forecasting.

Our Forecast Markets are perpetual. Anyone can place a trade and predict the future over an unlimited time horizon of their choice. This innovation improves capital efficiency and saves long-term traders fees that prediction markets inflict when rolling positions.

Aggregated Liquidity.
Unified Predictions.

Forecast Markets aggregate liquidity across two dimensions. Traders with entirely different beliefs and prediction horizons tap into the same liquidity on Fortunity. This brings over 10x revenue for LPs, generating sustainable growth for the Forecast Market ecosystem.

Certain Hedging,
For an Uncertain World

Our economies are the most uncertain they have ever been. Traditional hedges against inflation and interest rate rises have proven to be unreliable. People and businesses are increasingly in need of protection. Forecast Markets provide a direct hedge against changes in macroeconomic variables like components of inflation.

New Markets.
New Possibilities.

Fortunity is creating a new financial primitive. By building on DeFi, we unlock the power of composability, allowing a new generation of Forecast Derivatives to be built on top of our markets. Imagine trading options on economic growth, or inflation swaps between countries. The possibilities are limitless.

Decentralised Oracle.
Universal Wisdom.

We use Chainlink's Decentralised Oracle Network to power our Forecast Markets. This makes our system completely trustless in a way that no TradFi exchange can match. Our markets crowdsource information into a universal public good – the Market Forecast – that presents an universal forecast of the variable.

This has been truly needed by the world for a very long time.
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Stefan Rust   –  Founder, Truflation

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